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Leading Through Innovation

Dedicated to maintaining a professional relationship with all clients, All Pavement Solutions have been involved in many key projects, enabling us to grow, innovate and strengthen in the flexible pavement industry. Below are projects we are showcasing and are proud to have been involved in.

Project: Megalong Rd,
Megalong Valley

All Pavement Solutions’ Spray Seal Division was engaged by Blue Mountains City Council to perform an OTTA seal in the Megalong Valley which is a low traffic volume road that sees seasonal tourist traffic loading.  The OTTA seal is another option to have in the “tool kitty” for maintenance of the council road network.  OTTA seals generally save the asset owner around 30% of the maintenance costs in the project whole of life costing analysis.

OTTA seals are a great option that can utilise recycled materials in the mix design depending on the locally available gravels and percentage of crumb rubber that can be incorporated into the design.  Megalong Valley is one of multiple current OTTA projects All Pavement Solutions have recently completed and is performing above and beyond expectation.

Project: Tench Reserve,

All Pavement Solutions’ Asphalt division was engaged by Land Marine to complete the pavement works on the Tench Reserve Boat Ramp upgrade.  Our Spray Seal division laid a 7mm Primer Seal which was then followed by our Asphalt crews completing 2 stages of Asphalt works, first stage being the carpark consisting of 30mm AC10 and the second stage consisting of 40mm AC10 to all roads and approaches to the boat ramp. Here at All Pavement Solutions we are most proud of this project as we combined  both our Spray Seal and Asphalt divisions working together to deliver not only a quality outcome for our client but also with the highest expectation in which we promise.