Our Services

All Pavement Solutions’ core business is spray seal, however, we extend our services by also offering the highest standard of bituminous crack sealing and asphalt. All Pavement Solutions specialises in all forms of spray seal requirements for our clients. Our spray seal is carried out to R106 or the relevant specification and within our quality assurance system complying to 9001 and conforms with Australian Standard AS 2008.
We provide a full range of C170 hot sprayed bitumen products including all AMC products, emulsions, rubber seals & poly modified binders.
We also design to RMS specification and a full range of seal designs from Primer seals, through to 2 coat seals as required for a full range of applications for road sealing. Our modern spray sealing fleet consists of multiple rigid bitumen spray trucks and various tippers, bobcat & tractor brooms and other required plant and equipment.

Spray Seal

Bituminous Spray Seal is All Pavement Solutions’ core business and is a specialised product adaptive for many projects within the civil construction and infrastructure sectors.

Our Spray Seal applications are carried out to R106 or the relevant specification, and fall within our quality assurance system complies with 9001 and Australian Standard AS 2008. We provide a full range of conventional hot bituminous products, AMC products, emulsions, rubber seals and poly modified binders.

In summary, our services include:

  • De-Bonding Layers
  • Emulsion Seals
  • Otta Seals
  • Primer Binder Seal
  • Prime Coats
  • Primer Seals
  • Polymer Modified and Rubber Seals
  • Quick Dry Primes
  • Spray Seals
  • Waterproofing Membranes

Our teams deliver works for local government, the private sector and the civil industry, whilst leading the way with our innovative solutions, safety & professionalism to all of our projects.

Our experienced team offer more than just the application of Spray Seal.

With over 25 years of industry experience, our team are continually trained to provide cutting edge technical advice and it is our mission that each project exceeds complete customer satisfaction, on time, every time!

Bituminous Crack

Strengthening our presence and contribution to the flexible pavement industry, All Pavement Solutions offers the services of Bituminous Crack Seal.

Bituminous crack seal is a cost-effective solution offering protection to the pavement interface and capping of pavement cracking to combat further degradation due to the ingress of moisture and environmental/loading factors. This option also provides benefit in the repair of aged and damaged pavements, whether they be flexible or rigid, based on the degree of degradation.

We deliver this service with the latest high tech equipment. Our disciplined and experienced crews are at the forefront of the Bituminous Crack Seal industry. For all enquires and technical advice please call our head office.


Committed to our footprint in the civil industry, APS is dedicated to delivering all aspects of final wearing courses to both RMS Qualified and Auspec Pavements.

Our Asphalt division is RMS A1 & A2 qualified to carry out works in which fall into the categories of their specification and guidelines.

Our Asphalt paving crew, deliver results with safety & precision. We use only the highest quality products, ensuring our Asphalt supply and lay is met with our high standards which we execute across all divisions of our business.

Our core services are the supply, deliver and application of all Asphaltic Concrete products, including, but not limited to:

Asphalt Application (in both single or multiple layers)
Base Preparation
Emulsion Sealing
Profile Milling
Street Print (Decorative Asphalt)

All Pavement Solutions’ Asphalt division specialises in works for local government, the private sector, the civil construction industry and the maintenance sector.


All Pavement Solutions is proudly a contractor member of the Australian Asphalt and Pavement Association (AAPA) and the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) which provides mechanisms of technical update and a platform to contribute to the industry.