All Pavement Solutions Asphalt division is becoming a well-known leader in our industry through the comprehensive and extensive range of services that complement our company. We back this up with a strong team with years of experience and knowledge so clients can feel at ease with their decision to use our services.


  • Asphalt Delivery
  • Asphalt Placement
  • Asphalt and Binder Testing
  • Spray Seal Application
  • Road Maintenance Services
  • Project Management (of all services associated with road activities) – Project scheduling, Co-ordination of pavement milling, Traffic control & Line marking
  • Spray seal design

We pride ourselves on delivering all works to the highest standard at all times by our highly trained and experienced people. We have a number Asphalt and Spray Seal crews throughout NSW. Our activities are supported by an experienced management team of technical and business experts who are focused on value for money, use of the latest processes, timely delivery and absolute accountability, so our client’s receive results that exceed their expectations.

Council and Government All Pavement Solutions Asphalt division also has a large number of councils and government contracts in place in which we service on a regular basis, offering either mill and fill, overlay’s to new and existing surfaces.

Residential Subdivisions Paving or Spray Sealing residential subdivisions is a significant part of APS’s typical work load for the year. Our lead clients for this work are civil contractors and sub-division developers.

APS works with its clients to schedule works around contingencies such as inclement weather and to accommodate the fluctuations in time taken by other construction activities that our clients need to manage.

The specific benefit we offer for this type of work is the large pool of resources we can draw on which includes experienced crews, multiple sets of equipment and immense technical innovation to deal with variations that our clients encounter on site.

Commercial Subdivisions is also a significant share of All Pavement Solutions Asphalt workload, servicing multiple sites across the Sydney region.

A key attribute is our ability to work within the flexible timeframe of staged works that is standard practice in this environment and still assist our clients to meet all quality and specification requirements. We have specialist crews of different sizes able to cater for a vast range of tasks from small scale Asphalt work on footpaths and trenches to full scale construction of sub-division road networks. We welcome all enquiries and look forward to working with you on your next project.